SpaceFalcon Announces Strategic Partnership with Cyclos

2 min readDec 27, 2021

Space Falcon is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Cyclos, the only concentrated liquidity market maker on Solana. Cyclos will be supporting Space Falcon in their marketing endeavours and nurturing our ecosystem right from the start.

Cyclos provides invaluable assistance when working together with their partner projects, from marketing to development. The scope of our partnership will include both co-marketing and technical assistance, including the deployment of liquidity pools on the Cyclos platform. At Space Falcon, we look forward to this partnership with high hopes and enthusiasm, as we stay super-motivated in our mission to disrupt the traditional gaming model with blockchain technology.

About Cyclos

Cyclos is the first-ever concentrated liquidity decentralized exchange (DEX) automated market maker (AMM) in the Solana ecosystem. It allows users to earn higher yields as liquidity providers and provides optimized exchange rates for traders, enabled by merging concentrated liquidity with the high-speed, low-cost transactions of the Solana blockchain network.

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About SpaceFalcon

SpaceFalcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Built on Solana Ecosystem for fast and low-cost transactions to ensure a lightning-fast experience for your space adventures.

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Inter-galactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium SciFi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Please visit our website