Traditional gaming models used to be all about paying for in-game assets, pre-ordering different versions, maps purchases, weapons, skins & costumes. While this was fun for the time it lasted, gaming studios kept all the profits leaving gamers with no revenue share model. It was companies who raked in the revenue. As a result, centralisation has become fundamental in models like these.

Gaming companies are not subtle about their crave for your info; they make it a requirement to fill in your personal information. Plus, their use of targeted ads violates players’ privacy and the user activity clause of games. On the other hand, GameFi Blockchain ecosystems are completely decentralised, free from collecting personal information. Thus they are more likely to thrive as more and more users now understand the delicacy of personal info violation, And how multinational companies have exploited their trust.

SpaceFalcon is plotting a new path for the future of video games with its immersive metaverse that rewards players for conquering the broad galaxies.

Asset Ownership

Decentralised gaming provides gamers with what they truly need, a structure that rewards them for doing what they love. Rather than the lopsided zero benefits characteristic of centralised gaming platforms, decentralised gaming is built on transparency, fairness, and immutability. In Space Falcon, NFT items can be traded in and out of the game’s ecosystem. Or it can be staked, lent, or borrowed for rewards.

NFTs for in-game items means players literally own and control what they buy, earn, or craft. This goes beyond having to prove the item’s rarity; it opens the door to infinite scalability. The sheer thought of exchanging your gaming character for some SOL should have you turning in your chair. Overall the most significant benefit NFT game assets bring is that they allow players to retain their investments in value (and money).

Space Falcon takes virtual assets a step further with the introduction of planets, spaceships, and galaxies. These assets, although unreal, take the player on a journey that may be comparable to that of Luke Skywalker. Buy planets and build on them, model your spaceship to your taste, and rule the galaxies ― obliterate planets just as you build them. Enter a world where you have the chance to become an overlord or the defender against evil. The choice is yours.

Falcon Marketplace — Metaplex

Anything can be a non-fungible token — spaceship skins, lasers, visual enhancements, weapons, planets, maps, names, and many more. One exciting use of this arrangement is that NFT game assets can go beyond their initial use plan. Their inceptive use was to take on an entirely new life within the metaverse.

As every tradable element present in the game is an NFT, Space Falcon intends to utilize Metaplex frameworks to allow players, artists, and creators to develop and launch their own NFTs and auctions. Metaplex incorporates simple tools plugged directly into the Solana blockchain, making it cost-effective and easy to use.

If you do not already know, NFTs can be of different file formats such as Images, Videos, Sounds, 3D, etc.

Space Falcon — The Game

Take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from the swarming aliens. You must be ready to face the rigors (it’s not anything to fuss over) of the game. It won’t be an easy task to achieve your goal as it involves you saving the Universe from its enemies. As you progress and climb up the level-of-difficulty ladder, the number of enemies you face increases steadily, and the surroundings will be tweaked to be not so suitable. Also, after scaling every level, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft as you wish and as your winnings allow.

Link :

How to Play:

  • Control your Falcon by using the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Use the space key to shoot at enemy spaceships

Current Features:

  • Skin, background, spaceship color, and laser weapon updates
  • You get 3 Lives with basic training mode
  • Weapon resource depletion meter
  • High-quality optimizations for fast render and loading
  • Incremental levels
  • Leaderboards

Upcoming Features:

  • Asynchronous Multiplayer and crew formation
  • In-game Weapon upgrade
  • In-game customizations
  • Challenge & duel
  • Play against a random online player
  • More levels and challenges
Basic customizations for smoother web version, full download coming in next quarter

Importance of Communities — NFTs and Gaming

It’s a general notion that creatives get better by creating, even more so by participating in art exhibitions and art creation events. In consequence, Space Falcon will organize art creation events for artists on the platform. The winner will be featured in the marketplace and receive a certain percentage of Space Falcon’s revenue for a stipulated time frame.

This means that the winner’s art will be showcased atop Space Falcon’s marketplace for no charge. The winner will temporarily be a shareholder at Space Falcon. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Hop on the bandwagon and pitch your art against other artists and stand a chance of winning all of the above prices while still at it.

Another community “gathering” Space Falcon seeks to foster is that of having a virtual gaming community. This will be a space where players can slug it out for token prices. To prove their mettle, players will stake a certain amount of FALCON tokens to battle others.

If the challenge is accepted, a battleground is built for the match. Time is not a constraint because these battles will usually transcend time zones, as both these players go head-to-head for a winner-takes-all-tokens prize.

A friend of mine was happy to join us with one of his spaceship designs, that he made for his game on Steam 6 years ago. Its now a limited edition NFT.

We welcome creative ideas

At SpaceFalcon, we ensure to carry our community along on all the happenings on our platform. To encourage this, we allow access for our users to give suggestions that can move the platform forward and make it unique. Therefore, you can always share your ideas with us in the following areas:

  • Ideas that will give us more insights on how to build the best version of the metaverse: Here, we encourage community of artists and gameplayers and crypto enthusiasts or anyone with an idea, that will bring development to our platform and the NFT space as a whole, is welcome to join our discord and telegram group.
  • Also, artists are also allowed to submit their collectibles during our early NFT creation contest.

Use of FALCON Token

FALCON will serve as the native in-game token within the Space Falcon metaverse. It will be required for gaming actions such as spaceship repairs, refueling, advanced weapons purchasing, equipment replacement, and cosmos tax payment. Also, FALCON will be the predominant means of exchange within the NFT marketplace.

Players looking to earn on Space Falcon will need to prioritize how much FALCON they use within the metaverse and how much they can make with their time. FALCON, the unit of exchange, can be used to purchase assets or items from company vendors or directly from a player (peer-to-peer). Asset types include novelty for spaceship equipment, fuel, and weapons.

Initially, no one will be charged in any form to play games. However, securing a spot on the leaderboard puts you in the class of players eligible for weekly and monthly rewards. You will have to be a perfect blend of sophisticated weaponry, spaceship, and top-level skill to pull this off. These upgrades will be available in the NFT Marketplace at the in-demand market price.

About SpaceFalcon

SpaceFalcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Built on Solana Ecosystem for fast and low cost transactions to ensure lightning fast experience for your space adventures.

We highly encourage and value community feedback to shape the growth of metaverse, be sure to join artist competition — Falcon Creators, if you are a gamer let us know of your feedback of the initial gameplay.

Website | Twitter | Discord| Linktree

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Inter-galactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium SciFi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Please visit our website

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Inter-galactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium SciFi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Please visit our website

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