Falcon Launch: The Space Falcon Launchpad is Coming!

3 min readJan 26, 2022

Falcon Launch is a launchpad for Solana-exclusive gaming projects with excellent strategic partners like Raydium and Cyclos, that aims to provide a selection of the industry’s most creative gaming finance projects being built on the Solana ecosystem to the Falconian community for early investment opportunities and resultant humongous gains.

As Space Falcon, when we started out, our journey was about disrupting the traditional gaming model with a blockchain-powered micro-economic gaming metaverse where players would profit simply from playing and trading in-game assets.

Introducing Falcon Launch — a Necessary Step in Solana GameFi Evolution

Space Falcon is putting in the hours to develop Falcon Launch, which focuses on innovations on blockchain gaming, to get the funds they need and become fundamentally stronger projects that will bring adoption, use cases and more. Gaming and crypto both recognize the utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity. The boom in blockchain gaming was inevitable. Falcon Launch is pioneering a framework for crypto games to advance their project delivery through pre-designed, ready-to-integrate smart contracts.

Today, we want to announce that Falcon Launch will focus on one, and only one area as an innovation hub, and revolve all our use cases around one single category: Blockchain Gaming.

The Next Steps

Our aim is to reach a benchmark of launching the most played blockchain games in the Solana ecosystem and become the most popular blockchain gaming exclusive innovation hub.

We will start to cooperate with game developers to incubate new projects as exclusive incubated projects & IDOs with our business development team so that we can start to design new game concepts with other developers and exclusively incubate them.

We will create new marketing programs completely dedicated to enforcing our blockchain gaming innovation hub, while adopting the above-mentioned value propositions, so as to showcase Falcon Launch as a focused, differentiated blockchain gaming hub for Solana-based P2E projects.

Also, from each project that we incubate, we will be able to provide more upside to our Falconian Community while also generating more funds to Falcon Launch for marketing, hiring, and development of new value propositions. The more groundbreaking games we can incubate, the more focused we become, the faster we will be able to grow.

The games we launch here will be following a tier-based investing mechanism. This implies that the more FCON tokens you hold more would be your allocation in the IDO you participate in. After you stake a minimum of 500K FCON you get guaranteed allocation in our projects (the number of tokens is subject to change based on how the token price performs after launch). So in addition to the launchpad benefits we bring, becoming a staker here will create more opportunities for our token holders.

As a final note, returning back to something we are deeply passionate about, something we believe in more than any other use case of blockchain, something we can market extensively, and focusing on one area that we can be very valuable at Falcon launch will change the trajectory of Space Falcon and the entire launchpad ecosystem of Solana.

About SpaceFalcon

SpaceFalcon is a next-gen Intergalactic metaverse featuring a classic space shooter game and premium Sci-Fi NFTs from the cosmos and beyond. Built on the Solana Ecosystem for speedy low-cost transactions to ensure a lightning-fast experience for your space adventures.

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Inter-galactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game and premium SciFi NFTs from cosmos and beyond. Please visit our website https://spacefalcon.io